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Our Mission

At REACH, we're driven by a singular mission: to empower aspiring content creators and digital media professionals in their pursuit of career success. We aim to bridge the gap between education and real-world industry experience, by providing a platform where members can grow their skills, expand their network, and seize opportunities in the ever-evolving digital media landscape. Our core values revolve around community, creativity, professionalism, and continuous learning. We believe in nurturing a supportive environment where every member can dream big, innovate freely, and truly make a mark in the digital space.

"With the influencer economy booming, REACH is poised to fill a crucial niche by fostering the next generation of content creators." - The Information

National Organization

Reach’s national organization plays a pivotal role in the digital media and entertainment industry, with its core mission being to empower students with resources and opportunities needed for growth in their social media presence and careers within the entertainment sector. Reach not only bridges the gap between academia and industry but also constructs a thriving environment for aspiring individuals to grow and showcase their skills.

The Reach National Organization operates by hosting an array of guest speakers, workshops, and events, which are all made available to its local chapters. It is a critical facilitator of industry connections, partnering with significant brands like Google, Disney, Snapchat, ViralNation, TikTok, Meta, Paramount, and more, ultimately offering local chapters and their members rewarding opportunities for content creation.

Local Chapters

Local chapters of Reach, spread across numerous universities, are the fundamental building blocks of the organization. These chapters are where the mission and vision of Reach truly come to life, providing a platform for students to network, learn from each other, and gain firsthand experience in content creation and social media management.

While each local chapter operates under the broader Reach umbrella, they host their own unique events and initiatives, tailored to the needs and interests of their members. These chapters serve as the conduit between the national organization and its members, ensuring that the resources and opportunities provided by Reach are effectively utilized at the grassroots level.

The value that Reach’s national organization brings is thus directly funneled to its local chapters, giving members across the country access to exclusive workshops, guest speakers, partnerships, and more. Presently, Reach has established its presence in over 25 universities nationwide and aims to expand its network to 100 universities by the end of 2023. Through these local chapters, Reach has successfully created a nationwide network of passionate and talented students, dedicated to making their mark in the digital media and entertainment industry.

What We Offer

For Members

content days, photoshoots, chapter meetings, creator workshops, hq tours, brand experientials, networking events, focus groups, paid media ops, ugc ops, strategic partnerships, creator partnership programs, access to different tools, mentorship, and more!

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Paid media, UGC, photoshoots, product placement, press, experiential/event marketing, red carpets, campus ambassadorships, internship ops, job ops, focus groups, beta testing, product launches, gifting, creator partnership programs, and more!

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125+ industry workshops from companies like youtube, tiktok, snapchat, disney, studio71, paramount

250+ brands worked with

500+ REACH members nationwide

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