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case study:

REACH's Strategic Influencer Marketing Collaboration with NASCAR

Goals and Strategy

NASCAR's primary objective was to harness the power of new social media platforms and influencer marketing to attract a new demographic of viewers. REACH's strategy was designed with this goal in mind, leveraging their rich network of influencers and social media prowess to create a buzz leading up to the event, during the race, and post-race.


Creating a New Social Media Presence: A cornerstone of the strategy was the creation of a new social media account for NASCAR on the BeReal platform. This was a strategic move to tap into new digital spaces where younger audiences are more engaged. To drive user interaction and provide regular updates, various REACH members posted pictures and videos from the LA Coliseum, revealing behind-the-scenes construction, event setup, and NASCAR merchandise.

Influencer Involvement and Event Participation: REACH enlisted influencers with a combined following of up to 3 million to participate in the press day at the groundbreaking event two months prior to the actual race. Their role involved interviewing racers, interacting with media, and promoting the news of the upcoming race on their social media platforms.

Moreover, REACH integrated NASCAR into its biyearly "Welcome Back to USC" ceremony at the start of the semester. A special NASCAR promotional segment was orchestrated where 30 REACH members were divided into six groups, each tasked with ideating unique concepts for NASCAR's social media campaign. They created content to be utilized pre-race, during the race, and post-race.

Engaging Content and Giveaways: REACH further ramped up the excitement with a series of promotional activities, including giving 30 REACH members NASCAR merchandise and setting up a branded photo booth at the USC event. These images and videos, featuring the NASCAR logo prominently, were shared by REACH members, thereby adding more visibility for NASCAR.

Additionally, a giveaway was organized on REACH's social media platforms, offering a chance to win six student section tickets. This giveaway campaign saw an impressive 150 applicants and was promoted on REACH's USC Instagram account, which boasts over 2,500 followers.

Event Day Exposure: On the day of the race, eight of REACH's largest creators attended the event. They produced content for NASCAR's Twitter account and their Be Real page, posted on their personal social media accounts, and interacted with the press and racers. This provided invaluable real-time, behind-the-scenes content that helped to engage their followers and further promote NASCAR's event.


By leveraging REACH's network of influencers and their social media savvy, NASCAR was able to tap into a new demographic of potential fans and viewers. The BeReal account, which was created and managed by REACH, became a hub for regular updates and engaging content, creating a buzz around the event. The various campaigns, both online and offline, successfully increased NASCAR's visibility and brand recognition among a younger, digital-first audience.

This strategic partnership with REACH brought in fresh energy, excitement, and massive exposure for NASCAR. The new class members who got involved with the campaign added an estimated 10 million followers to their name, thereby amplifying the campaign's reach significantly.


The NASCAR x REACH collaboration demonstrates how effectively combining influencer marketing and innovative social media strategies can create a winning promotional campaign. This multi-faceted approach ensured consistent engagement, maximum visibility, and an expanded reach into new demographic segments.

It's clear that REACH’s strategic and innovative influencer marketing methods resulted in a notable success. The thorough, dynamic campaign reached millions of followers, generated hundreds of applications to giveaways, and brought unprecedented attention to NASCAR’s event at the Los Angeles Coliseum. This initiative exemplifies how influencer marketing can propel brand awareness, and foster a meaningful connection with new and existing audiences.

Looking ahead, this case study showcases the potential of collaboration between traditional sports franchises and digital-first marketing agencies. Such partnerships can successfully bridge the gap between the established, long-term fan base and the new generation of digital-first consumers. By integrating influencer marketing into their strategies, organizations like NASCAR can tap into new audiences, enhancing their engagement and ensuring a vibrant future for their events.